Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Vlog-Check!

My sisters and I were together all day yesterday. My parents-in-law took Ellie for the day (Thank you!) so I could be at all of the wedding appointments with my sisters.

We had a fun, full day of appointments. We went to the final florist appointment, cake appointment, and I met with my cousin Daniel to practice the song we'll be singing at Alli's wedding.

The guys (our husbands) were camping in the mountains for Brian's (Alli's fiance) bachelor party. Yes, it was a fun, full day for all of us.

The day ended with dinner, girl talk, and a lot of giggling. And of course, we all sat down to do our first vlog that we promised to do.

It took several takes since we were in such giggly moods, but we finally got a decent video. Our close family friend Annie was in the background and she makes several funny comments. I so wish we had convinced her to get on camera, but she refused.

Although none of us like being on camera, we had a great time together yesterday and this was a fun way to finish the day. If you don't have enough time to watch the video, you MUST see the bloopers at the end. It gives you a sneak peak into what we were like growing up. Ha!

So, I give you our first vlog:


Dana Marie said...

I said this on Jenn's too, but this made me miss the sisters so much... I think it showed off bits of each of yall's personalities perfectly!

I espececially loved how hilarious you are with your random quips, like the breastfeeding thing, I've always appreciated that about you! Miss you and love you!

Olga said...

You guys are so cute! I loved the vlog!! you ladies need to do more!!

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