Monday, March 24, 2014

Emsley at 9 Months

I'm a bit late in posting Emsley's 9 month post. But we've been busy since returning from Vegas. Last week was busy since it was spring break, and now I'm dealing with some mysterious pain in my right wrist and hand. Oh well, that's another post for another day...

Back to our sweet baby girl. Em, I apologize for not having more or better quality pictures for this month. Like I said, we've been busy AND I've taken a few photos with the ipad. They are not great. :(

Emsley, this is what you are like at 9 months old:

~You weigh 16 pounds, 6 ounces (18th percentile) and you are 25.5 Inches tall (1st percentile). You dropped off of your growth curve for height this month, but the Dr. isn't concerned. She thinks you're about to hit a growth spurt. Besides, nobody would be surprised if you end up being small like your brother and sister. Although, you are now officially bigger than Ellie was at 1 year!

~You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

~You began wearing 9 months in clothing this month.

~You are eating solid foods like a champ! You love all baby foods (you are not picky).You started picking up cheerios and feeding yourself a bit this month. You also started feeding yourself a little cheese and cut up banana. So far you do not like the yogurt we tried.

~You still take about 4-6 bottles a day. First thing in the morning, between meals, and at bedtime. I so miss our nursing days.

~You have a lot of hair! So much, that we've started putting bows in your hair (YAY).

~Exactly on your 9 month birthday (March 11th), you officially started crawling, and you crawled across the floor for the first time! You're still getting the hang of it, and when you're tired, you'll go back to rolling again. I'm sure you'll get faster and stronger the more you practice.

~You FINALLY became healthy again this month! We began weaning you from the nebulizer treatments and you're doing quite well.

~You began babbling (a lot) this month. You can say "Ma-ma-ma", "Da-da-da" and occasionally "Ba-ba". I hate to admit it, but your favorite thing to say is Da-da.

~You have become a great sleeper at night! You typically do 10-12 hours in your pack n play.

~You either take 1 short morning nap (less than 1 hour) plus on longish nap in the afternoon, or you take one really long nap in the afternoon (2-4 hours). Your siblings still interrupt your sleep a lot. Poor girl, you never get as much sleep as you want or need. Yes, you are sensitive to sleep like me and Ethan, and when you don't get enough it really changes your mood.

~When you are well rested and fed, you are a very happy and laid back baby. You love to smile and giggle.

~Speaking of giggling, nothing makes you laugh more than watching your brother and sister. You are developing great relationships with both Ellie and Ethan, and your relationship with each one is unique. I hope you 3 are always close.

~We are still waiting to see some teeth. You've been teething like crazy for months, and you drool quite a bit. I don't see any teeth poking through just yet, but I'm sure we will soon.

~You love to be on the floor to play, and occasionally in the exersaucer. For the most part you want to be independent though, which means being free of swings and exersaucers.

~You still love baths and they continue to cheer you up when you are getting sleepy and grumpy for bed. You love to splash and play in the water.

~You have started getting separation anxiety this month and you cry whenever I leave the room. You are definitely a "mama's girl" and you like to be held by me or by my side most of the time.

Nicknames: Em, baby sister and baby girl.

Emsley, I simply can not believe you are already 3/4 of the way through your first year!You bring all of us so much joy and laughter. I'm excited to learn more about who God created you to be!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vegas Baby!

Once again, I"m the last sister to document something we all experienced together. I guess that's what comes with this stage of life though. 3 little ones leave little time for blogging and social media. Still, I'll take what I can get. :)

Jenn and Courtney already did a fabulous job recapping our fantastic time in Las Vegas last weekend.

Since I don't want to be too redundant, I'm just going to post some of the pictures that haven't been shared yet, and quickly share the highlights for me.

So, if you want a more detailed story, be sure to check out the sisters' blogs. :)

Oh, by the way, something that was NOT a highlight, but has to be mentioned, is the trip to DIA that almost made us miss our flight to Vegas. That was the MOST stressed I have EVER been when it comes to making a flight, and the closest I've ever gotten to missing one. I don't want to experience that again. No bueno!

I should mention that these are in chronological order, not in order of significance. ;)

Highlight #1, arriving safe and sound in Las Vegas. I didn't know if it would happen, but here we are in front of the famous "Welcome To Las Vegas" sign just happy to be on the ground and not running around like crazy people.

Highlight #2, eating at the delicious Gonzalez Y Gonzalez inside our NY NY hotel (the hotel with the most character, in my opinion). It was our first meal since breakfast, and it was already dinner time. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and ah-mazing margaritas!

Highlight #3, the fountain show in front of the Bellagio. SO fun!

Highlight #4, the Soul2Soul concert with Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw. I could listen to their voices all day. 

Me with the birthday girl, my little sis Alli. 
She (and her hubby Brian) were the reason we were in Vegas to begin with. :)

And of course, the 4 sisters. :)

Highlight #5, Vegas during the day, walking along the strip, and visiting the M&M store.

When I saw Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, I simply HAD to get a picture with them to show Ethan. 
He's obsessed with these characters right now. 

Highlight #6, lunch at Max Brenner's with my Aunt Dareth and her friends. Loved the food and company!

Highlight #7, dinner at the Stratosphere or "top of the world" restaurant. Maybe the most fancy restaurant I've ever eaten at. Here's the whole "gang". :)

And, last but definitely not least, highlight #8 is winning $100! Never thought that would happen.

Really, the best part was getting a little vacation with my mom and sisters. We had a wonderful time even if, like Jenn said, there was too much "naked" in Vegas. Did not like the naked or the smell of smoke everywhere. ;) The rest of the trip was a blast though, and it was a weekend to remember. 

And, Happy 30th Birthday to Alli and Brian this month! You two are great sports for letting us crash your Vegas party! ;)

P.S. Caleb and Jon are the best husbands for letting Jenn and I get away and for taking care of our babes while we were gone. As much as I loved this trip, I was happy to be home and hug/hold my babies.

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Husband, Caleb
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Our 2nd Miracle
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Our 3rd Miracle
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