Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elliana at 10 months

I stole this idea from Kelly at Kelly's Korner.

I think it's a great way to document Ellie's first year of life though.

Elliana, this is your life at 10 months old:

~I don't know exactly what you weigh, but I would guess that you are about 15 pounds and 6 ounces now.

~You are still wearing 6-9 month clothing.

~You have two bottom teeth. No new teeth this month, but you seem to be teething again.

~Your eyes are still blue.

~I still can't quite tell what color your hair is. In some lighting it looks blond, and in other lighting it looks light brown. I'll need to see more of it to know for sure.

~Your hair is just barely long enough that I can put a bow in it now!

~Your nap schedule is starting to change. Some days you'll have two naps, and some days you're doing fine with just one nap.

~You are crawling so well now and you are into EVERYTHING!

~You have started standing on your own for short lengths of time now. I think cruising or walking is just around the corner.

~You are still using everything in sight to pull yourself up. You use chairs, couches, cabinets, the bathtub, walls, and even Mommy or Daddy's legs.

~Your favorite place to play right now is the living room.

~You're not really interested in toys right now. You are such an explorer and you just love to explore. You still really like the laundry basket and you have started losing interest in the walker. You'd rather be free to roam around.

~You LOVE your baths!

~You still LOVE to eat!

~You have started feeding yourself finger foods. You get this really cute, proud smile across your face when you feed yourself. Your favorite thing to snack on are those flavored puff cereals.

~You still have a very happy, bubbly personality and you smile at everyone you make eye contact with. You make everyone around you smile.

~You babble all the time and you can say "Mama, Dad-da, and Hi". No new words this month.

~Your current nicknames are Ellie, Missy, and Kiddo.

~Since you are so curious, and you love exploring so much, we've had to start telling you "NO" on a daily basis now. You aren't quite sure what to make of this yet. :)

~You've also started putting many objects into your mouth that don't belong there. In the last few weeks I have retrieved the following items from your mouth: a paperclip, small pieces of pine cone, a staple, and a granola bar rapper. You scare me sometimes sweet girl, but to my knowledge you haven't swallowed anything you shouldn't have. This is why I need to watch you like a hawk!

We love you Ellie, and we love watching you grow! We are enjoying watching your personality come out. Happy 10 months!



Mindy and Brian said...


Courtney said...

Keep posting pictures of her please! I love the little bow!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

10 months! Wow! Where had the time gone?! I love you, little one. More than you can possibly know.

And I agree. The bow is absolutely darling!

The Olson Family said...

I can't believe that Elliana is already 10 months.. Wow.. She is precious!

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